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Monthly Archive May, 2002

holiday labels

May 31, 2002

Label Master – Page 5 Use these on your holiday gifts and they’ll be talking about it for years.

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how tools come of age

I’m a java skeptic. The promise of write once, run everywhere has morphed into write once, suffer everywhere. The whole notion of java applications, given that your code will only perform as well as the virtual machine, meaning your OS vendor, permits, has never really caught fire. Applets turned out to be a bust: CGI […]

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suspicions confirmed

Revenge of the Nerds If you start a startup, don’t design your product to please VCs or potential acquirers. Design your product to please the users. If you win the users, everything else will follow. And if you don’t, no one will care how comfortingly orthodox your technology choices were.

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mexican melange

I have always liked simple foods, big on texture and flavor and low on technique. So things like burritos, quesadillas, pizza, pasta, etc, have always been staples on the menu. Being vegetarian doesn’t really make it more difficult, since most of these items were meatless as a matter of course. With the advent of “better […]

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