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Monthly Archive August, 2002

RedHat == Redmond?

August 31, 2002

Red Hat: Next Redmond? Red Hat’s dominance is worrisome to some industry players, who say the Raleigh, N.C., company needs effective competition to prevent it from becoming a Microsoft Corp. among Linux vendors and to ensure the operating system continues to develop in an open way. And who wouldn’t want to have MSFT’s influence over […]

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think different, and keep your options open

Apple Keeps x86 Torch Lit with ‘Marklar’ Sources said more than a dozen software engineers are tasked to Marklar, and the company’s mainstream Mac OS X team is regularly asked to modify code to address bugs that crop up when compiling the OS for x86. Build numbers keep pace with those of their pre-release PowerPC […]

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keeping them honest

August 30, 2002

Looks like water usage here in my grove of sunflowers and tomatoes is closer to 100 gallons/day (pretty nearly exactly 100). So I’ll note it for a few more days and then all the City and ask them to make the necessary adjustments to my bill.

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if there was ever a device was meant to be wireless

August 29, 2002

Driver Labo./Newton/WaveLAN An 802.11b driver for the Newton has been completed and seems to work with a number of cards. Might be time to blow the dust off it and see how this works. Much as I love the thing, it’s hard to integrate something into you life when it needs to be wired up. […]

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