RedHat == Redmond?

Red Hat: Next Redmond?

Red Hat’s dominance is worrisome to some industry players, who say the Raleigh, N.C., company needs effective competition to prevent it from becoming a Microsoft Corp. among Linux vendors and to ensure the operating system continues to develop in an open way.

And who wouldn’t want to have MSFT’s influence over their market? Can you fault RedHat for that?

But the openness of the source itself and the fact there are competing distributions — RedHat vs SuSE is not like Macintosh vs Windows, after all — doesn’t really convince me that RedHat is a monopoly. I hope never to run RedHat again: the pain of dealing with RPM is still fresh in my mind. If I couldn’t get what I needed from FreeBSD’s Linux emulation, I’d go with Debian or SuSE.

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Apple Keeps x86 Torch Lit with ‘Marklar’

Sources said more than a dozen software engineers are tasked to Marklar, and the company’s mainstream Mac OS X team is regularly asked to modify code to address bugs that crop up when compiling the OS for x86. Build numbers keep pace with those of their pre-release PowerPC counterparts; for example, Apple is internally running a complete, x86-compatible version of Jaguar, a k a Mac OS X 10.2, which shipped last week.

Wade spotted this one.


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Looks like water usage here in my grove of sunflowers and tomatoes is closer to 100 gallons/day (pretty nearly exactly 100). So I’ll note it for a few more days and then all the City and ask them to make the necessary adjustments to my bill.

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Driver Labo./Newton/WaveLAN

An 802.11b driver for the Newton has been completed and seems to work with a number of cards. Might be time to blow the dust off it and see how this works. Much as I love the thing, it’s hard to integrate something into you life when it needs to be wired up. If only Steve didn’t see the Newton as a reminder of John Sculley (or was there another reason for getting rid of it?), imagine where the technology could be now?

After some email correspondence with the driver’s author, it looks like the WaveLAN (Agere chipset) cards are the way to go: not enough people have provided feedback for Noguchi to flesh out any kind of matrix. If you use the driver and haven’t told him how it works for you, do it now.