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Monthly Archive September, 2002

ego of the day

September 30, 2002

Late model black Trans Am License tag: “FOR2ITUSS” License plate ring: Minivans Grrrrrrr Whatever.

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Wibble Anyway, today we slaughtered three more of our lambs, and it was a fun day.

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I think he misses the point

LILEKS (James) The Bleat Ask yourself this. You’re poor. You have a heart attack. Do you want to be in Havana or New York? Which phone system summons the EMTs faster? Which emergency response team is better equipped? Which hospital is better staffed with highly-paid doctors who have come from all over the world to […]

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more proof that the PC industry has been following Detroit’s playbook

PC Makers Hit Speed Bumps; Being Faster May Not Matter So far the response of the personal computer industry to its worst decline in history has largely been one of denial. “People are walking around like members of the cargo cult after World War II,” said Mark Resch, a partner at Onomy Labs, a Palo […]

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