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Monthly Archive October, 2002

an offshoot of f*ckedcompany.com

October 31, 2002

INTERNALMEMOS.COM – Internet’s largest collection of corporate memos and internal communication Glad this wasn’t around 2 years ago . . .

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time to look at pyAmazon

October 30, 2002

Another one of Mark Pilgrim’s little gems. Creating links for the Amazon affiliate program is tedious since you can’t look up the item from the “build a link” page. You have locate the item, get its ID, then login and create the HTML. What a pain. I’m thinking that, given a title, pyAmazon can run […]

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good news today

I got a job today, and it pays the munificent sum of $112 a day. Trouble is, it’s just one day/8 hours a week.

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when advertising becomes content

October 29, 2002

Network Tries to Foil Ad Skipping Now, a new cable network has elevated the practice beyond the occasional, building such anti-ad-zapping efforts directly into its business model. Advertisement The entire schedule of the new network, Fine Living, has been specifically set up to incorporate various forms of advertising that can foil the abilities of personal […]

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