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well, for some reason, the bottom of the right column (below the “powered by” tag) wants to shift to the left. That looks awful, and I don’t know why it’s doing it. So I have commented it out.


new book on the stack

I’m not really sure why I picked this one —
The Invisible Computer
— up: I agree with the premise from what I see on the book jacket.

obscure pursuits

horticultural experiments

Germinating Rose Seeds

Roses are not difficult to grow from seed, if you do it right.
[ . . . . ]
First, be aware that each rose seedling is a new, never-before-seen variety.

Well, after reading
The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View…
and doing a little research in rose hips as seeds, I decided to see what kind of strange variants I could get from my rose bushes. I am fortunate in having three good sized hips (the size of a cherry) from three different roses. None of the plants are identified, though my garden mentor — my father — suspects one is a Queen Elizabeth. That’s the one I just worked on. It occurs to me now I should have used the digital camera, and I will on the next one I do (I have found no pictures of the process).

I simply followed the instructions on the page linked to above. We’ll see what happens, come the new year.


dumb money, smart money, Sherman money.

Lessons From the Man Who Sells to Buffett

“If you buy 50-cent dollars, over time, the good news should take care of itself,” he said.