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Monthly Archive December, 2002

is my exile over?

December 31, 2002

I may once again join the ranks of the paid (and insured) working class. I’m not going to slay the fatted vegetable calf just yet, but perhaps next Tuesday I’ll be able to muster some honest enthusiasm.

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more a celebration than a musical performance

December 30, 2002

Seattle Symphony Beethoven Ninth Symphony Gerard Schwarz, conductor Seattle Symphony Chorale Seattle Symphony Beethoven: Symphony No. 8 Beethoven: Symphony No. 9, Choral I have seen this performed once (Roberto Abbado leading the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus) and listened to it on radio and recordings countless times. Astounding to think Beethoven was deaf when we […]

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technology in the classroom: help or hindrance?

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Analysis | Mr Chips or Microchips? Computers have been hailed as the transformers of education, a dazzling technology that changes the whole nature of learning, reduces the burdens on teachers and equips everyone for the modern economy. Yet disturbing evidence is emerging that computers may harm, rather than help, educational […]

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“I’m young, I’m rich and I can do it.”

Glass Panes and Software: Windows Name Is Challenged The single person most responsible for Microsoft’s selecting the name Windows, according to court documents, was Rowland Hanson, a marketer who came from Neutrogena, the soap and cosmetics maker. Until Mr. Hanson arrived in May 1983, the new software was called Interface Manager, which the programmers liked. […]

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