it could be called work

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[Mac Users] Fwd: DarwinPorts Binary Packages

_Personally I’m a fan of DarwinPorts over fink because its more BSD like._

Since Virex hosed up my fink installation, I decided to take a look at this. I’m a fan of FreeBSD anyway, so anything the replicates it’s power is good in my book .

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this is an idea worth pursuing

News Aggregator for Weblogs At Harvard

This is an experiment. I’ve wanted to try this out for quite some time — it’s a mini-aggregator in a Manila site. A managing editor selects feeds for a news page for his or her community. This means that people can learn about and enjoy a news aggregator without having to install and run one on their own. When they want to control their own subscriptions, then they can advance to the next level. The display of the aggregator here is still quite crude. But there will be new stories at the top of the hour. I have to provide a way to see what we’re subscribed to and a prefs page to add or remove feeds, and to determine how many are displayed on this page. In other words the development is far from finished. But it works. DW

it could be called work

hypertext, post Xanadu

Ben of Cigars and hypertext

I’m stuck by the meanings of the links themselves. Where they are, what they link to, the words they link with and so on all add an enormous amount of information to the piece. Links can be subtle, ironic, funny, informative, maudlin, depressing, even designed not to be followed at all. The browser status bar can be a major source of semantic meaning, without even following a link through.

sometimes link is just a link. to mangle a metaphor . . . . sometimes you can get the joke by seeing where a link would take you. Other times, you need to follow the gesture . . . . depends on how curious you are, how much time you have, how well your host has prepared you . . . . .

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Blamestorming: Sitting around in a group discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible.