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Monthly Archive May, 2003

WayPath web services

May 30, 2003

XML-RPC API for Waypath The bright lads at WayPath have implemented an API to their document similarity engine (colloquially known as “more like this”). As slow as I am to code anything, I dunno when I’ll have something to show, but here’s hoping other more quicker minds have a go at it.

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shaken, not stirred

May 29, 2003

Event 5300350 Map We had a small earthquake (over in Bremerton, where my niece lives) during the bedtime story hour, just enough to be noticed, but not enough to freak anyone out. I entered a response at the website where they track these things and found that 24 people in my zip code (98115) had […]

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business ‘blogs?

May 28, 2003

ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies, June 9-10, 2003 – Boston, MA ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies 2003 Conference & Expo is the first business-oriented forum to address the recent emergence of Weblogs into the business world and their rising importance as a medium of communication. This conference will bring together Webloggers who are pioneers, experts, and technologists. […]

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one million reasons to use WayPath

May 27, 2003

Waypath Weblog: 1 Million Documents Indexed As of May 25, 2003: Days Waypath online: 197 # of weblogs visited: 155,505 # of weblogs in searchable index: 93,747 # of weblog posts spidered: 2,009,512 # of weblog posts in searchable index: 1,067,002 I’m a couple of versions behind: I don’t even have the 1.0 release of […]

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