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WayPath web services

XML-RPC API for Waypath

The bright lads at WayPath have implemented an API to their document similarity engine (colloquially known as “more like this”). As slow as I am to code anything, I dunno when I’ll have something to show, but here’s hoping other more quicker minds have a go at it.

a learning experience

shaken, not stirred

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We had a small earthquake (over in Bremerton, where my niece lives) during the bedtime story hour, just enough to be noticed, but not enough to freak anyone out. I entered a response at the website where they track these things and found that 24 people in my zip code (98115) had also reported it.

I’ll see if I can let the facts slip out tomorrow morning . . . .

it could be called work

business ‘blogs?

ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies, June 9-10, 2003 – Boston, MA

ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies 2003 Conference & Expo is the first business-oriented forum to address the recent emergence of Weblogs into the business world and their rising importance as a medium of communication. This conference will bring together Webloggers who are pioneers, experts, and technologists. Together, they will present the latest developments, strategies, and success stories behind what is now becoming known as the Business Blog, or B-Blog for short.

Is it a sign of a phenomenon’s maturity when it has a conference built around it?


one million reasons to use WayPath

Waypath Weblog: 1 Million Documents Indexed

As of May 25, 2003:

Days Waypath online: 197
# of weblogs visited: 155,505
# of weblogs in searchable index: 93,747
# of weblog posts spidered: 2,009,512
# of weblog posts in searchable index: 1,067,002

I’m a couple of versions behind: I don’t even have the 1.0 release of the plugin. Go get yours now.