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Monthly Archive July, 2003

defensive programming

July 31, 2003

BBC NEWS | Technology | ‘Critical’ flaw found in Windows Microsoft has issued a warning about a critical security flaw that affects most versions of its Windows software. [ . . . ] The flaw, found by eEye Security, would allow a specially crafted MIDI instruction to swamp the cache, or buffer, in DirectX and […]

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your own radio station

O’Reilly Network: Unsung Heros and Other iTunes Tips [July 31, 2003] [ . . . . ] there’s a lot of good music on my iPod that I just don’t seem to get to. And that’s a waste. [ . . . . ] So I created a new smart playlist titled “Unsung Heros.” In […]

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one of everything? no problem

July 30, 2003

Public Project Welcome to Browser Cam! Browser Cam creates screen captures of your web pages loaded in any browser, and on any operating system, so you’ll be 100% sure your web pages look good-and work right-on any platform. I used the free trial today to see what some new things I was trying would look […]

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art is what people will buy

BW Online | July 30, 2003 | Why iTunes Has Bands on the Run At the heart of the debate is this question: Who should decide what’s art, the artist or the public? The Chili Peppers and Metallica say they — and they alone — should decide how fans should listen to and keep their […]

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