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Monthly Archive August, 2003

does the current US economy have $13 billion to spare?

August 30, 2003

[IP] the Epidemic on the Internet (or better the wreak of it) On Aug. 11, the Blaster virus and related bugs struck, hammering dozens of corporations, including Air Canada’s reservation and airport check-in systems. Ten days later, the SoBig virus took over, causing delays in freight traffic at rail giant CSX Corp. and shutting down […]

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Why software is so bad

August 29, 2003

Edward Tufte: Ask E.T. forum Societies have invested more than a trillion dollars in software and have grotesquely enriched minimally competent software producers whose marketing skills far exceed their programming skills. Despite this enormous long-run investment in software, economists were unable to detect overall gains in economic productivity from information technology until perhaps the mid-1990s […]

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where you might be better off without a computer

Computer bugs annoying, but not a major economic threat – Aug. 22, 2003 To the extent that they force businesses and workers to waste time deleting tons of spam e-mail or loading anti-virus software, the bugs could shave about half a percentage point from productivity growth in the quarter, said Anthony Chan, chief economist at […]

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unintended consequences

The Seattle Times: Local News: Freed mink attack Sultan farms The [10,000] mink were released Monday morning from the Roesler Brothers Fur Farm when someone cut through a fence and opened numerous cages. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF), a group classified as a domestic terror organization by the FBI, has claimed responsibility in an e-mail […]

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