wanted: job

Requirements: $1000/month with benefits, $1500/month without.

All honest opportunities considered.

Inquire within.


real life intrudes

My father has been in town these past few days for his granddaughter’s 5th birthday, so I’ve been out in the Big Room with the blue ceiling more than usual.

I don't do Windows

return to Stepford

IHT: Meanwhile: Hot zombie love in the suburbs

[Director Paul] Rudnick noted that the “embedded biology” of romantic fantasies has not changed: “Men want a babe and don’t care about her earning power. Women want a rugged poet or musician with a private jet.”

It will still make a great thriller. But the real chiller is that the evil husbands in the original did not need to murder. They just needed to wait. In the long interval between the two movies, women have turned themselves into Stepford wives.

Found in Rebecca’s Pocket.

obscure pursuits

“I would refer to it as a virus, rather than a narrative form”

The Level of Discourse Continues to Slide

Thoughts on PowerPoint as a communications tool.