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Monthly Archive October, 2003

what music can’t you live without?

October 31, 2003

Communications From Elsewhere What albums do you consider perfect, or nearly so? There are plenty of perfect songs, or tracks. I’m talking about albums on which every track is perfect, or nearly so. Here’s my short list (in no particular order) Add your list to the comments . . . . .

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what books can’t you live without?

Everything Burns | A new knowledge of reality Project: spend 5 minutes and grab 7 or 8 books (big books take up more space) from your home (or work) library. These books must actually be in your collection at the time of the excercise. Stack them up, take a digital photo, post it on your […]

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festival of tooth decay

Hallowe’en today, so we bundled the younger set into their costumes, some warm layers (it’s supposed to snow Sunday morning and it’s damn cold now), and headed off to the local shopping district to score some sweets. The University Village was our destination, and the nippers did well, lots of loot, and a pretty consistent […]

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A brief meeting with the Superior and Subordinate Professors yesterday. I was told in no uncertain terms that the Superior Professor was going to “exercise her management authority.” Trouble is, if you have to remind someone of your authority that forcefully, you might not actually have any. Add to this, the Subordinate Professor was manifesting […]

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