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Monthly Archive November, 2003

how to run a modern OS on steam-powered hardware

November 30, 2003

I am updating the Darwin installation on my circa 1995 Mac PowerPC 9500, for no other reason than to see how complicated the process is. XPostFacto exists to make this possible, so perhaps documenting My Struggle with this will be of use to someone else. The hardware isn’t supported in Darwin releases since the last […]

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ipodsdirtysecret.com’s dirty secret

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things The guy who donated bandwidth to ipodsdirtysecret.com (about two brothers who spraypainted complaints about lousy batteries on iPod posters) is pissed a plenty: Gee, you don’t suppose they’re doing this for a little free publicity?

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virtual reminders

Wired News: Gizmo Puts Cards on the Table Researchers in Dublin, Ireland, have developed a way to help people who are far away from their loved ones feel a little closer, using a pair of kitchen tables equipped with radio tag readers, projectors and computers running on Linux and Macintosh operating systems. The kitchen table […]

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localfeeds working

Localfeeds is now working for me. I got a note from the proprietor explaining where the problem was. I fixed the problem you were having with Localfeeds– it was partially my fault and partially yours. Even though I don’t advertise the fact, Localfeeds reads geo.position as well as GeoURL-style ICBM. Since your geo.position comes after […]

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