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Monthly Archive December, 2003

sub $200 iPods possible?

December 31, 2003

Macrumors points out that a company called Cornice “has been producing 1inch 1.5GB Hard Drives since mid year that go for $65/each in lots of 10,000. Cornice was reportedly trying to get these prices down to $50.” [ . . . ] This is truly getting interesting. As readers have pointed out, 2 GB in […]

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they measure horses in hands . . .

iPod unit size converter New times require new measurements . . . You are 17.56 iPods tall

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what the . . . ?

I like the way life looks from a bicycle Another “cloudy, chance of sun breaks” weblog? Who knew?

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initial backup solution

Nothing like the site of someone else’s mishap to focus attention on a problem. The objectives of this are simple: back up the www directory on this machine in some easily usable form. I have a tape drive in this box, but tapes are not the easiest things to work with. So I elected to […]

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