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sub $200 iPods possible?

Macrumors points out that a company called Cornice “has been producing 1inch 1.5GB Hard Drives since mid year that go for $65/each in lots of 10,000. Cornice was reportedly trying to get these prices down to $50.”
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This is truly getting interesting. As readers have pointed out, 2 GB in flash cards would make the new iPods cost prohibitive as they would be even more expensive than the current ones. Using this technology though, Apple could pull it off and still reap in quite a substantial profit per unit while creating a new form factor and price that would make the iPod even more attractive to potential buyers.


What struck me about this was how this might work with pre-loaded iPods. After all, part of Eric’s idea was to tie some skinning or physical component of the iPod with the music: a Black Sabbath/Ozzy one would be black, while a Deadful one might have some of their iconography on it. Since these rumored gadgets are supposed to have theming as part of their value proposition, it’ll be interesting to see if someone (perhaps some bright spark in the RIAA cartel?) picks up this ball and runs with it . . .

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they measure horses in hands . . .

iPod unit size converter

New times require new measurements . . .

You are 17.56 iPods tall


what the . . . ?

I like the way life looks from a bicycle

Another “cloudy, chance of sun breaks” weblog?

Who knew?

the value of X

initial backup solution

Nothing like the site of someone else’s mishap to focus attention on a problem.

The objectives of this are simple: back up the www directory on this machine in some easily usable form. I have a tape drive in this box, but tapes are not the easiest things to work with. So I elected to make a disk image that I can either burn to a CD or mount and inspect, as needed. The EXAMPLES section in the mkisofs man page gave me all the information I needed.

But I don’t necessarily want to burn a CD every time I back these files. So what I’ll do is create the image every night, copy to another system, thereby having two copies, the same as I could get if I burned to a CD but without the media cost.

DATE=`date +%m-%d-%y`
cd /usr/local
/usr/local/bin/mkisofs -o /opt/backup/www-$DATE.iso -V backup-$DATE -R -J -hfs www
/sbin/mount_smbfs //me@backuphost/me /mnt/backuphost
cp /opt/backup/www-$DATE.iso /mnt/backuphost
cd /mnt/backuphost
cp www-$DATE.iso latest.iso
cd /opt/backup
/sbin/umount /mnt/backuphost
find /opt/backup -name "www*iso" -mtime +7 -print

Not too elegant, but I have tested it to make sure it creates mountable disk images and that’s what I’m after.

I’m going to take a leap of faith that I don’t lose a disk or the whole system on both systems I’m using for this. A logical extension of this would be to test that the mount operation (and the resulting copy) worked and substitute another place for the file to be stored.

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