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Monthly Archive January, 2004

the cost of optimization

January 31, 2004

So between using MTOptimizeHTML and mod_gzip, my server is taking a beating. last pid: 17424; load averages: 3.96, 2.94, 1.84 up 9+08:17:32 21:19:44 93 processes: 5 running, 88 sleeping CPU states: 99.2% user, 0.0% nice, 0.0% system, 0.8% interrupt, 0.0% idle Mem: 168M Active, 17M Inact, 41M Wired, 10M Cache, 35M Buf, 12M Free Swap: […]

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on monetizing weblogs

ongoing — You Can Get Paid For This Tim Bray analyzes his recent foray into Google AdSense. His experiences mirror my own (some ads are worth more than others was one thing I learned early on). He’s doing a little (!!) better on this than I am, but then I don’t get linked from the […]

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another robot

Welcome to PubSub.com Found this in my logfiles just now . . . PubSub Concepts provides real-time, content based publish and subscribe systems at internet scale. This site is a Beta version of our home page, which will provide a PubSub interface for weblogs and other information sources. [ . . . ] PubSub.com reads […]

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orkut as Google’s data-mining/personalization Trojan Horse?

Jeremy Zawodny’s blog: Why Google needs Orkut: “Then, one day down the road, they quietly decide to “better integrate” Orkut with Google and start redirecting all Orkut requests to orkut.google.com. Bingo! Suddenly they’re able to set a *.google.com cookie that contains a bit of identifying data (such as your Orkut id) and that would greatly […]

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