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Monthly Archive February, 2004

chilly, hilly, and done

February 29, 2004

I completed the 2004 Chilly Hilly Classic this morning: 33 miles of scenic Bainbridge Island. It was both chilly and hilly, though less of the former and more of the latter than I expected. (I borrowed this graphic from the page linked above.) It was really well organized, as anything with 3000 attendees has to […]

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band/album name of the moment

February 28, 2004

“roadkill banquet” from a comment I think swapping buffet for banquet might improve it, but not by much. Thanks, Liz.

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Wendi Dunlap, girl reporter, or Google, the Great Leveller

Slumberland » TBT Towing speaks out: Last week I wrote a post here about predatory towing, which referred to the business practices of TBT Towing, as reported in the P-I. I’m not poking fun, as I hope you’ll see. Local weblogger Wendi Dunlap posted some comments about some really crummy tactics used by local towing […]

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does anyone track these costs?

We hear a lot of a claims and counter-claims about how much viruses and worms cost the average business, but what about ISPs? Their bottomline is more directly impacted by this kind of thing. My ISP reminded me to keep my Windows installation up to date . . . I recall in the summer of […]

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