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Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: March 28, 2004 – April 03, 2004 Archives:

Now in a front page piece in Thursday’s Washington Post we learn that on September 11th, 2001 Condi Rice was scheduled to deliver a major foreign policy address on missile defense as the centerpiece of a new strategy to combat “the threats and problems of today and the day after, not the world of yesterday.”

Then reality intruded.

What if the attacks had come later in the day, after or during the speech?

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the gang that couldn’t talk straight does it again

Found at Starbucks: The Pentagon’s Papers – – Center for American Progress:

Talking points, hand-written notes on spin tactics, and a hand-drawn map to the Secretary’s house were found by a resident of DuPont Circle, who made them available to the Center for American Progress. The name of said resident is being withheld at his request, as he fears that he may be accused on national television of being “disgruntled.”

To quote from the Secretary of Defense: “This thing will go away soon and what will keep it alive will be one of us going over the line.”

Do you suppose leaving these papers lying around in public constitutes “going over the line?”

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for those of us who prefer pictures

Portgraph: graphing FreeBSD ports dependencies:

Portgraph is a Python program that produces dot (graphviz) output. The output shows a minimal dependency tree of the selected port, based on information from /usr/ports/INDEX. I suspect this is most useful for decorative purposes, though people trying to figure out load-balancing on build clusters might find it useful as well.

I’m currently wrestling with a b*rked ports installation and found this in some search results. At the very bottom of the two graphic maps are the ports I keep stumbling over: libtool, expat, and gettext.