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Monthly Archive March, 2004

one for the “what if?” file

March 31, 2004

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: March 28, 2004 – April 03, 2004 Archives: Now in a front page piece in Thursday’s Washington Post we learn that on September 11th, 2001 Condi Rice was scheduled to deliver a major foreign policy address on missile defense as the centerpiece of a new strategy to combat […]

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the gang that couldn’t talk straight does it again

Found at Starbucks: The Pentagon’s Papers – – Center for American Progress: Talking points, hand-written notes on spin tactics, and a hand-drawn map to the Secretary’s house were found by a resident of DuPont Circle, who made them available to the Center for American Progress. The name of said resident is being withheld at his […]

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a crankier MetaFilter

March 30, 2004

rantandrave.org Add your voice to the chorus of reason or just be snarky: it’s your chance to annoy the sanctimonious, the self-righteous, or plain old run of the mill knuckleheads . . . . .

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for those of us who prefer pictures

Portgraph: graphing FreeBSD ports dependencies: Portgraph is a Python program that produces dot (graphviz) output. The output shows a minimal dependency tree of the selected port, based on information from /usr/ports/INDEX. I suspect this is most useful for decorative purposes, though people trying to figure out load-balancing on build clusters might find it useful as […]

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