improving Safari’s Services -> Mail option

The letters page in MacWorld (oh, what a thin little book that is these days) had a contributed bookmarklet that improves on the all-but-useless Services -> Mail option.

To use it, create a new bookmark and populate the address field with this (yes, there is a hard return/newline before SUBJECT).

What this will do is create a new mail message, put the title of the page in the Subject, and put the href and any selected text into the body of the message.


Or just drag this to your bookmark bar . . . .
mail it

music the value of X

people who are hiding things must have something to hide

At least, that’s what the president said during his last press conference . . . . News | Bush’s flight from the Guard:

Unlike lawyers, journalists pay little attention to concepts like chain of custody for evidence. In the case of the president’s Guard records, whoever possessed them and had the motive and opportunity to clean them up is a critical question. When Bush left the Guard about a half year early to attend Harvard Business School, his hard-copy record was retained in a military personnel records jacket at the Austin offices of the Texas Guard. Eventually, those documents were committed to microfiche. A copy of the microfiche was then sent to the Air Reserve Personnel Center in Denver and the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. Those records are considered private, and they cannot be released to anyone without the signature of the serviceman or woman. The White House has never indicated that Bush has signed the authorization form. And this is what prompts unending suspicion.

According to this article, we don’t know if the president has authorized the release of his full record: all we know is the bits and pieces his handlers have delivered. Since Senators McCain and Kerry have released theirs, we now know what to look for — the report on why he quit flying after absorbing a million dollars on taxpayer funded training, his pay stubs, his retirement points — all of which are missing.

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a grateful nation, continued

Communications From Elsewhere » FOIA coffin photos update:

Are NASA astronauts US military personnel? I don’t know. In any case, here’s an easy way to tell the difference between the Columbia crew and casualties of the war in Iraq: the Columbia crew photos are the ones shot during the day, with an honor guard in full dress uniforms and a high-ranking NASA official saluting them; the Iraq war casualties are the ones being unloaded from cargo planes at dawn or dusk by people in camo fatigues

Makes you wonder if the war dead were a surprise to anyone . . .

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iPod woes

Well, after 10 months of fun, my iPod has had too much of it. It’s manifesting some weird symptoms and I have ordered a service on it. As I write this, it’s doing a hard disk check that I never asked for, and it’s not the first time that’s happened.

The chief problems are

* the battery not holding a charge OR the batter indicator acting up. Hard to tell which, though I think the battery has lost some effectiveness.

* it stops playing in the middle of a track. I can advance to the next track, then return to the other one, and all is well. Sort of.

So now I’m waiting for the box to arrive so I can send it off.

I’m glad I registered it online when I bought it: otherwise I might have to track down proof of purchase information to get it taken care of under warranty.

Since I’ll never see this one again (they don’t return the same unit: you get a new one or a refurbished one), I’ll be getting a case for it to prevent it getting as scratched up as this one is.