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Monthly Archive April, 2004

improving Safari’s Services -> Mail option

April 29, 2004

The letters page in MacWorld (oh, what a thin little book that is these days) had a contributed bookmarklet that improves on the all-but-useless Services -> Mail option. To use it, create a new bookmark and populate the address field with this (yes, there is a hard return/newline before SUBJECT). What this will do is […]

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people who are hiding things must have something to hide

April 27, 2004

At least, that’s what the president said during his last press conference . . . . Salon.com News | Bush’s flight from the Guard: Unlike lawyers, journalists pay little attention to concepts like chain of custody for evidence. In the case of the president’s Guard records, whoever possessed them and had the motive and opportunity […]

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a grateful nation, continued

Communications From Elsewhere » FOIA coffin photos update: Are NASA astronauts US military personnel? I don’t know. In any case, here’s an easy way to tell the difference between the Columbia crew and casualties of the war in Iraq: the Columbia crew photos are the ones shot during the day, with an honor guard in […]

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iPod woes

Well, after 10 months of fun, my iPod has had too much of it. It’s manifesting some weird symptoms and I have ordered a service on it. As I write this, it’s doing a hard disk check that I never asked for, and it’s not the first time that’s happened. The chief problems are * […]

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