Moving from MovableType 2.x to WordPress 1.2

If you haven’t already done so go read this tutorial by someone on the WordPress team. If his best case scenario doesn’t quite work for you, read on.

First some background: I was running MovableType 2.661 on FreeBSD 4.10, with MySQL as the datastore, Apache 1.3.31 as the http server, with mod_perl and mod_gzip to make things easier/faster. The requirements for WordPress are here.

Go ahead and install it: it’s literally a 5 minute procedure, so if you set it up, tinker with it and tear it down again, you’re not out much.

The first step is to extract all your content from your existing MT instance.


who do you love?

A warm personal note from Nancy Pelosi:

You have brought us to the verge of victory in so many ways:

YOU have spoken out against the radical policies of the Administration and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

YOU have spoken out against the War in Iraq.

YOU have stood up to call for affordable health care.

YOU have worked to elect new Democratic Members of Congress in heavily Republican districts in Kentucky and South Dakota.

And YOU have re-ignited the Democratic Party.
Now we must work together to cross the finish line — to elect Members of Congress who represent Americans, not corporate special interests or extreme right-wing ideology. I ask you today to continue your help and support of Democratic House Candidates. $100 today, small to some, and everything to others, will make the difference.

We must have the funds to provide resources to our candidates. We must have YOU. With your continued voice, we can move forward our Campaign for a New Majority – a Majority of progressive representation of all Americans. Contribute to our cause today.

Can I support the change I want to see by supporting a candidate instead of a party? Do parties matter to me anymore? To anyone?

I think they help some voters, as they can vote according to who they identify with, but I’m not so sure most people know who they like or what they believe in. It’s not at all clear to me that the working man, in his W-emblazoned pickup truck, is well-served by the GOP: I see them as firm believers in life as a zero-sum game, where corporations and capital can only win if workers lose.

Whether you believe in science and evolution or faith and creation by a supreme being, it’s a pretty poor way to live if the only way you can have to ensure someone else is a have-not.


must be harder than it looks Apple’s Ten-Year-Old Breakthrough:

I think it’s pretty ironic that the most highly-touted feature in Tiger is one they’ve been trying to get into a shipping OS for almost ten years. Sometimes information society isn’t quite as fast as it’s rumored to be.

InfoWorld: A tale of two Cairos: November 21, 2003: By Jon Udell: Platforms:

Microsoft’s 2003 Professional Developers Conference (PDC) reminded some observers of the same event in 1993, when the hot topics were the Win32 APIs, a rough draft of Windows 95 code-named Chicago, and a preview of a futuristic object-file-system-based NT successor code-named Cairo. The hot topics this year were the WinFX managed APIs, a rough draft of a future version of NT code-named Longhorn, and … Cairo. Now called WinFS, this vision of metadata-enriched storage and query-driven retrieval was, and is, compelling.

blows against the empire the value of X

selective comparisons

Matthew Yglesias: June 20, 2004 – June 26, 2004 Archives

Then one day I lightened up.

It’s fun! John Kerry is like Hitler because he supports increased highway funding. George Bush is like Hitler because he likes to fight wars. Michael Moore is like Goebbels because he uses film to advance his political views. Bill O’Reilly is like Julius Streicher because he’s also a crappy journalist. We’ve recently noted that Bush is like both Hitler and Mussolini because he came to power in an irregular manner and that the Supreme Court is like the King of Italy because they picked a leader I don’t like. No self-respecting opponent of PETA should fail to note that Hitler was a big animal rights activist. I don’t hear anti-smoking activists bring it up much but Hitler hated cigarettes and had this nutty (at the time) idea that smoking is very unhealthy

Hey, this is fun.