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Monthly Archive July, 2004

No body politic is healthy until it begins to itch.

July 31, 2004

I am frightened by the imbalance, the constant striving to reach the largest possible audience for everything; by the absence of a sustained study of the state of the nation. Heywood Broun once said, “No body politic is healthy until it begins to itch.” I would like television to produce some itching pills rather than this endless outpouring of tranquilizers. It can be done. Maybe it won’t be, but it could.

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iTunes annoyance

I realized I needed to make use of iTunes “Join Tracks” feature when I was listening in Party Shuffle mode and something I expected to happen didn’t. Turns out you can’t join tracks on stuff you buy from the iTunes Music Store. Things to investigate: I suppose burning a CD and importing that will make this go away but I also wonder if ripping the DRM stuff out with hymn will let me do it.

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wear your AG on your, um, sleeve

July 30, 2004

Want to scare civil libertarians, librarians, and other suspects? Pick up a Crank’s Accessories shirt or mug and make life interesting . . . .

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character vs personality: the lazy press, continued

I think it’s very interesting that in this election, the complaint from the press quite often is that Kerry has not made his story accessible to the public, he has not made himself familiar, that people don’t know who he is. Which is really interesting considering that the guy he’s running against has no story at all, and considering that we live in this age of the politician who must have the story, the anecdotal story…. He grows up with extremely mediocre performances and seeming to have neither interests nor excellence in any field, except he’s a good partier in college and he seems to be able to collect people around him…. In other words if you mention it, it’s considered hostile rather than a matter of fact and of record which all of it is. And then, the idea is, all of that is completely erased and redeemed through a conversion experience.

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