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Monthly Archive September, 2004

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September 30, 2004

After my experiments of last night with linking my “Now playing” tags to tracks at iTMS, I realize it will work too rarely to be useful to anyone. See the graphic: from that album, only one track is available and it’s not the one that’s playing. (and on the track playing now — listed below […]

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the valor of ignorance

Home improvement time here at Thistle Dew. I had a spot for a light fixture (a gaping hole with wires in it, to put it plainly) and when this one showed up on freecycle, I grabbed it. It came sealed in its original plastic with new bulbs . . . Installing it was pretty easy: […]

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the “debate”

I have seen a few drinking games suggested to accompany the debate tonight: let’s just say that taking a drink everytime the president said “steadfast”, “resolute”, or referred to Saddam Hussein as a danger would have had all but the most experienced drunks out of the game before halftime . . . . The next […]

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precise but indiscriminate

What is the injury-producing impact of a 500 lb smart bomb, in square feet? Imagine a circle with a four hundred foot radius. Use πr2 and get 502,654.825. Google Calculator: pi * 400^2 If the room in which you sit is 20 * 20 (400 sq ft), the affected area would encompass 1,256 similarly-sized rooms. […]

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