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Monthly Archive September, 2004

shrill? maybe. accurate? apparently.

September 30, 2004

Poynter Online – Forums I asked a 28-year-old engineer if he and his family would participate in the Iraqi elections since it was the first time Iraqis could to some degree elect a leadership. His response summed it all: “Go and vote and risk being blown into pieces or followed by the insurgents and murdered […]

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bumper sticker of the day

Too many freaks, not enough circuses (seen on the back of an aging VW microbus, natch).

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topical music from a local composer

Now playing:I. Andante – Sym No.50 ‘Mount St. Helens’ Op.360 by Seattle Symphony from the album “Sym 50 ‘Mount St. Helens’/Symphony 22 ‘City Of Light’” | Buy it I just made two CDs from this for some teachers . . . . Hovhaness was a local artist and used local themes and elements in his […]

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Springsteen on why he’s taking a stand

Salon.com News | The rising I think that this particular election is, at the core, a debate about the soul of the nation. I think we can move toward greater economic justice for all of our citizens, or we cannot. I think we can move toward a sane, responsible foreign policy, or we cannot. For […]

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