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Monthly Archive November, 2004

getting back some disk space

November 30, 2004

OS X: Free up Hard Disk space: Really good advice here. I saved 1.4 GBs using just the Delocalizer app. I saved 1.2 Gb: good deal. Now playing:After All by David Bowie from the album “The Man Who Sold The World” | Get it

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WPBlacklist problems

My WordPress Stuff: I have installed WPBlacklist but it isn’t working! What’s wrong? This might be due to any of the following reasons: 1. Have you activated the WPBlacklist plugin from the Plugins panel on the WP Administration screen? If not, you need to activate the WPBlacklist plugin. 2. Do you get PHP errors when […]

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these English are crazy

November 29, 2004

Trust me, he said, it’s going to be fun: The pain in our legs this morning, I like to feel, is because we spent yesterday kicking away at the horizon. It broke. The view’s great. But they can turn a phrase . . . Now playing:Oh, Sister [Live] by Bob Dylan And The Rolling Thunder […]

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Neil Gaiman’s 60 Second Writing Course

Since my NaNoWriMo adventure was done almost as soon as it started, I found this to be interesting and very sensible. Wolf Music: Neil, As Nov. 30 quickly approaches and National Novel Writing Month comes to a close I realize that a good chunk of my 50,000 words is utter crap. So I was wondering […]

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