getting back some disk space

OS X: Free up Hard Disk space:

Really good advice here. I saved 1.4 GBs using just the Delocalizer app.

I saved 1.2 Gb: good deal.

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analog->digital conversion music

WPBlacklist problems

My WordPress Stuff:

I have installed WPBlacklist but it isn’t working! What’s wrong? This might be due to any of the following reasons:

1. Have you activated the WPBlacklist plugin from the Plugins panel on the WP Administration screen? If not, you need to activate the WPBlacklist plugin.

2. Do you get PHP errors when you try to post a test comment but your comment appears anyway? In this case, you might have certain entries in your blacklist which are not regular expression safe. Usually, this happens when you have an entry in your blacklist with a “/” not preceded by a “”. So, all you need to do is search your blacklist for such entries and either edit them so that each “/” is preceded by a “” or delete the entry altogether. This happens particularly in the case of URLs where you have “http://” – which should read as “http://” to be regular expression safe.

Yesterday and earlier today, I was having some problems with comments: the comment would be posted but the person leaving the comment would get an error screen: it seems that somehow the blacklist had fallen victim to the item (2) above. I ended up dumping my whole blacklist (emptying the table) and repopulating it. Kind of annoying since the most likely way for stuff to be added is via the plugin or the publicly available blacklists.


these English are crazy

Trust me, he said, it’s going to be fun:

The pain in our legs this morning, I like to feel, is because we spent yesterday kicking away at the horizon. It broke. The view’s great.

But they can turn a phrase . . .

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Neil Gaiman’s 60 Second Writing Course

Since my NaNoWriMo adventure was done almost as soon as it started, I found this to be interesting and very sensible.

Wolf Music:

Neil, As Nov. 30 quickly approaches and National Novel Writing Month comes to a close I realize that a good chunk of my 50,000 words is utter crap. So I was wondering if you could comment a bit on your rewriting process. Do you just start from the beginning of the book and go through it page by page? Or do you skip around fixing things at random? Any tips of advice you can give would be great. Especially since I wrote this without any type of outline or without much thought before starting. So, I’m not talking about a little tweak here or there, but major overhauls to large sections. Like I said any kind of advice you can offer, things that make it seem less painful, would be great.Thanks,Steve Stanis

What I try and do is:

1) Finish it.

2) Put it away. Drawers are good. Don’t look at it for a week or so.

3) Read the whole thing, doing my best to pretend that I’ve never read it before.

4) Fix the big things. (These tend to be things that pop out at you when you read it, like noticing that you’ve led up to the prison escape, and then meeting the prisoners after they’ve escaped, and realising that it might really have been a good idea to write the escape. Or that the first chapter would really work better as chapter 5.)

5) Read it through page by page and fix the line by line things. Notice that Omar mysteriously becomes Mustapha on page 50 and stays Mustapha until page 90 when he becomes Mustafa. Pick one and make it consistent. Wonder whether anyone will notice that you’ve put Paris in Belgium. Decide to leave it there, on the basis that no-one will notice.

6) Get up in the middle of the night and move Paris back to France.

Does that help?