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I was just listening to White Fluffy Clouds by Camper Van Beethoven (from the album “New Roman Times – EP” | Get it) and Googling up all the military equipment and ordnance references (M-4, M-9, JDAM, A to A, OH-58): the next track was The Military by Ornette Coleman from the album “Skies of America.”

There seems to be something deterministic about the randomness . . . what’s playing now?

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real or fake?

The color photo was invented in:

The color photo was invented in 1903 by the Lumiere brothers, and the French army was the only one taking color photos during the
course of the war.

The images are artful and interesting, but are they really authentic color photos from the First World War? Or are they tricked-up Kodachrome?

Hmm, according to the thread here it might be for real. Even if they’re colorized, they’re great images: as monochrome, they would be striking, but this is one case where color adds. The technical details are at the Institut-Lumiére.


a record turnout for the Chilly Hilly

5,000 cyclists huff and puff the Chilly Hilly:

Sunshine, lack of skiing may have boosted numbers

So that handwritten bib with “5001” on it was not a fluke . . .

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coarse cycling

So in the aftermath of yesterday’s misadventures, I took the chewed up plastic pedals off the hybrid and replaced one of them with the old pedals from my road bike (basic metal platforms, no cleats: I’m debating getting clipless pedals for it). One came off without incident, and it of course would be on the right side. The broken one was worse than I feared: there’s a wreck involved in the fact that the pedal axle was mated to the crank at angle considerably less than 90 degrees.

So my local shop will re-tap the thread for US$10. I considered doing it myself but it hardly seems worth it.

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