the value of X

what I learned this week

  • that you can eat a banana without working front teeth, as long as you have a knife
  • that you can lose weight this way
  • that I was very lucky not to come off worse: jaw injuries — broken or extremely concussed — are very common cycling injuries
  • I learned how strong my school community is
  • as a result of that and feeling the need to contribute, I set up a drupal community server

oh the humanity

AlterNet: MediaCulture: Behind Closed Doors:

Comic artist Marjane Satrapi reveals what Iranian women talk about when they’re alone.

Sex, sex, and more sex, it seems. Not that different from what happens here, wherever your particular “here” might be.


want to try DarwinPorts?

Clickable installer for DarwinPorts 1.0 release:

For those who want a _really_ easy bootstrap into 1.0 land, please

In this image, you’ll find a clickable package file that installs a
ready-to-go, pre-synched copy of DarwinPorts 1.0. There are even
some setup instructions in the installer, so if naive users don’t
click through the screens too fast, they’ll see what they need to do
to set things up after the installation completes. I originally
wanted to put a shell startup-file munging script into the
postflight, but thought better of it after I thought of all the ways
it might go wrong.


great minds sphinx alike: animals and what they’ll put up with


Cat with wings:


04 29 2005