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Monthly Archive May, 2005


May 31, 2005

Now you can find out what I read/watch/listen to. [composed and posted with ecto]

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May 30, 2005

Microsoft Notebook: The end of ‘my’ is nigh: Those folders on your Windows desktop will still be yours — but in the future you’ll need to figure that out on your own. Ending a longstanding tradition, Microsoft Corp. plans to stop using the word “my” as the default prefix for such folders as “My Documents,” […]

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Tim Bray on owning your work product: ongoing · OpenDocument!: Let me put it this way: if you occasionally create documents or spreadsheets or presentations, and if you think that you’d like to own them, independent of your Office software vendor, well, you have exactly one choice: OpenDocument. If those docs/spreadsheets/presos might be long-lived, or […]

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Memorial Day

Thanks to the Newseum. Not too many papers going to great lengths for Memorial Day: I think I saw greater efforts at commemorating and honoring those who sacrificed all when there wasn’t a war on. Thank you to these 1,656 and the others who came before them. [composed and posted with ecto]

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