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Microsoft Notebook: The end of ‘my’ is nigh:

Those folders on your Windows desktop will still be yours — but in the future you’ll need to figure that out on your own.

Ending a longstanding tradition, Microsoft Corp. plans to stop using the word “my” as the default prefix for such folders as “My Documents,” “My Music,” “My Pictures” and others along those lines. Starting in the next Windows version, due out next year, folders will be known simply as “Documents,” “Music,” and so on.

Like this?

What’s the old saw about the sincerest form of flattery?

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Tim Bray on owning your work product:

ongoing · OpenDocument!:

Let me put it this way: if you occasionally create documents or spreadsheets
or presentations, and if you think that you’d like to own them, independent of your Office software vendor, well, you have exactly one choice: OpenDocument.

If those docs/spreadsheets/presos might be long-lived, or contain high-value
data that you might want to re-use later, and you don’t use OpenDocument, well
there’s a word for that but I’m not going to put it up on the front page at

Kieran Healey from a day or so earlier on managing it with a ponderous toolchain: seems like a lot of work, but it still ties back to owning the stuff you make.

Never put information into something if you don’t know how you’re going to get it back out, unmunged. I usually apply that to database schemas — you should know what queries you plan to run against a database before you start — but in these days of format and version creep, perhaps it extends more broadly.

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Memorial Day

Mi Th
Thanks to the Newseum.

Not too many papers going to great lengths for Memorial Day: I think I saw greater efforts at commemorating and honoring those who sacrificed all when there wasn’t a war on.

Thank you to these 1,656 and the others who came before them.

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