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Monthly Archive August, 2005

user interface design follies

August 16, 2005

So who picked the 8-sided red shape and used it as a submit button? 10 years ago we saw a similar UI decision, to use a button labelled Start for everything — even shutting down.

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routing (the old kind)

August 12, 2005

Google maps plotted different routes for me to go from Mt Rainier to Olympia, based on whether I start inside the park or outside.

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Wanna be in a Neil Gaiman/Jonathan Lethem/Stephen King/Lemony Snicket book?

August 10, 2005

This September, Your Name Here…: It’s nice — and that’s an understatement — when something good done in this blog has repercussions. You may remember that back in March I auctioned off the name of a Cruise Ship in ANANSI BOYS for the CBLDF. And we made $3,533 for the CBLDF. And that happened around […]

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summer fare

August 6, 2005

Also featured at tonight’s outdoor dining extravaganza (at which we learned that the childhood best friend of our hostess was someone I had once worked with: if her hometown of Soperton, Georgia, has not been mentioned, the connection would not have been made) was a red potato salad I have made a few times every […]

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