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Monthly Archive November, 2005

have you pushed in your pin?

November 30, 2005

Frappr!: Just an excuse to let my readers stick a pin in the map and see where the others are Three readers so far . . .

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thoughts on food and values

November 29, 2005

So I thought some more on this and realized one thing I find curious about folks who profess they “eat anything.” From my reading of Pellegrini’s book, I know in my own history there were lots of animals and animal parts I didn’t eat, when I “ate everything.” But calf liver was on the menu, […]

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on the merits of getting started

Crooked Timber » » Advice to Authors: Here is one of the many footnotes from Susanna Clarke’s novel, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which Henry reviewed recently: Horace Tott spent an uneventful life in Cheshire always intending to write a large book on English magic, but never quite beginning. And so he died at seventy-four, […]

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Pimp my 24″ Dell widescreen monitor: I hear a lot of people say, “I don’t watch TV — I only watch DVDs of movies and TV shows.” To me, that’s kind of like saying, “I’m a vegetarian, but I eat chicken” — something I’ve heard more than once. Ahem. OK, when I think of television, […]

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