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NetNewsWire script bleg

I have accumulated a lot of feeds in NetNewsWire but I notice that a lot of them go unread. It would be nice, I thought just now, if NNW could keep track of what feeds get clicked on and/or read and do some housekeeping with the ones that don’t hold even my attention. Perhaps a weekly culling of feeds into a tab a folder to be reviewed, and if unclaimed, unsubscribe.

But NNW Lite doesn’t have an AppleScript dictionary, it appears. Is there another way to do this?

NaNoWriMo 2005


I stumbled onto this site thanks to Kottke, and it made me lust terribly for a pinhole camera of my own. This looks like a great way to get into large format photography without a lot of expense. There’s something eerie about how time — the long exposures — makes people invisible.

I also found a site that offers tips on how to make a pinhole for an SLR, so you get the metering, winder and a light-tight case, and a lot fewer questions (large format and pinhole cameras tend to attract that sort of thing).

And if it works, you could do this:
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day – home:

Anyone, anywhere in the world, who makes a pinhole photograph on the last Sunday in April, can scan it and upload it to this website where it will become part of the annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day celebration’s online gallery.

NaNoWriMo 2005

quoted without comment

Health insurance and the paradox of choice:

Health insurance and the paradox of choice
It’s that time of year again, when we get to change health
care plans. There’s nothing like spending
a day trying to figure out whether a 90/70 PPO plan with
a $500 deductible and 80% home health care is better
than a 90/70 Managed POS plan with a $750 deductible and
90% home health care benefit (not to mention the
Blue Shield and Aetna variants) to make you appreciate a
a one-size-fits all single payer plan.

But how does anyone make any money with that?