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t r u t h o u t – Military Hides Cause of Women Soldiers’ Deaths:

In a startling revelation, the former commander of Abu Ghraib prison testified that Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, former senior US military commander in Iraq, gave orders to cover up the cause of death for some female American soldiers serving in Iraq.
Last week, Col. Janis Karpinski told a panel of judges at the Commission of Inquiry for Crimes against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration in New York that several women had died of dehydration because they refused to drink liquids late in the day. They were afraid of being assaulted or even raped by male soldiers if they had to use the women’s latrine after dark.
The latrine for female soldiers at Camp Victory wasn’t located near their barracks, so they had to go outside if they needed to use the bathroom. “There were no lights near any of their facilities, so women were doubly easy targets in the dark of the night,” Karpinski told retired US Army Col. David Hackworth in a September 2004 interview. It was there that male soldiers assaulted and raped women soldiers. So the women took matters into their own hands. They didn’t drink in the late afternoon so they wouldn’t have to urinate at night. They didn’t get raped. But some died of dehydration in the desert heat, Karpinski said.
Karpinski testified that a surgeon for the coalition’s joint task force said in a briefing that “women in fear of getting up in the hours of darkness to go out to the port-a-lets or the latrines were not drinking liquids after 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and in 120 degree heat or warmer, because there was no air-conditioning at most of the facilities, they were dying from dehydration in their sleep.”

Camp Victory? We’re beyond irony now.

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coffee: so much more than just a blood substitute

Smelling the Coffee: Starbucks or Peet’s:

You see, Peet’s doesn’t have wireless Internet service for computers! Can you even imagine that? And Peet’s doesn’t even begin to understand coffee-shop atmosphere. So for work, it’s Starbucks.

We have wirelessly endowed Peet’s here, as well as every other variety of caffeine purveyor. Last coffee venue I used with wireless was the Herkimer on Greenwood . . .

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One of my two Senators failed me.

Hey, is this another Circus of the Spineless?:

Remember these names when Alito screws us over. These are the ones who didn’t even try to stop him.

Akaka, Daniel K. (Coward-HI)
Baucus, Max (Doormat-MT)
Bingaman, Jeff (Toady-NM)
Byrd, Robert C. (Ditherer-WV)
Cantwell, Maria (One-termer-WA) <– thanks for nothing
Carper, Thomas R. (Lickspittle-DE)
Conrad, Kent (Stooge-ND)
Dorgan, Byron L. (Loser-ND)
Inouye, Daniel K. (Pawn-HI)
Johnson, Tim (Milksop-SD)
Kohl, Herb (Flunky-WI)
Landrieu, Mary L. (Parasite-LA)
Lieberman, Joseph I. (Sycophant-CT)
Lincoln, Blanche L. (Puppet-AR)
Nelson, Bill (Candy-ass-FL)
Nelson, E. Benjamin (Lowlife-NE)
Pryor, Mark L. (Chicken-AR)
Rockefeller, John D., IV (Weasel-WV)
Salazar, Ken (Dissembler-CO)

(Actually, it’s very unkind of me to compare these wimps to invertebrates. I like invertebrates.)

I suspected from the email I received (I won’t be so naive as to assume she had any notion of who she was corresponding with) that she wouldn’t be on the side of the angels.

I don’t understand why this would be seen as a politically sound move (if she was being cynical) or a good move for the country (if she was an idiot).

Good luck campaigning, Senator.


I have readers I’ve never met?

No, I wasn’t ego-surfing: I subscribed to my technorati links ages ago (is there a feed that updates less frequently?) and saw this pop up.

Technorati search results for a crank’s progress

And here I thought I (personally) knew everyone who reads this stuff.