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Monthly Archive February, 2006

two purchases I wish I had waited on but couldn’t

February 28, 2006

Apple Unveils Mac mini with Intel Core Duo: The new Mac mini with the Intel Core Duo processor delivers performance up to four times faster than its predecessor in the same innovative and incredibly compact design. Dammit. This wasn’t expected til June. And it has an audio line-in (that mine doesn’t) in addition to being […]

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Wish I’d said that

Stupid is as stupid does…: It had never occurred to me before how hard it must be to be stupid in a world that values information, and the ability to interpret it, above all else. It’s no wonder these people are pissed off; especially when, as Sullivan says, “It cannot be blamed away.” That these […]

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blackmailing, the new way

The party of integrity, wah? Think Progress » The Minnesota GOP’s Stealth Attack On Privacy: This week the Minnesota Republican Party is distributing a new CD about a proposed state marriage amendment. Along with flashy graphics, the CD asks people their views on controversial issues such as abortion, gun control, illegal immigration, and so on. […]

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the Bush/bin Laden ticket

CNN.com – Bush: Bin Laden helped me, book says – Feb 28, 2006: “Anything that drops in at the end of a campaign that is not already decided creates all kinds of anxieties, because you’re not sure of the effect.”I thought it was going to help,” Bush said. “I thought it would help remind people […]

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