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Monthly Archive March, 2006

more home-brew photography

March 31, 2006

Should I make the bellows myself or buy a bellows?: That is the question. I have been pondering large format images but realize I have zero interest in working with sheet film. So the next best thing is a large format camera with a roll-film back. And since all that works out to is a […]

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worth citing in its entirety

What would the Founders say?: What would the Founders say? ____________________________ GUEST POST – By Hume’s Ghost ____________________________ When I first discovered Glenn’s blog I was impressed by the way Glenn so easily cuts through the legal b.s. that is put forth by the administration in defense of its actions and provides clear and concise […]

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exercise and freecycle

My FreeCycling habit and my need to exercise more crossed paths this past weekend when I acquired two NordicTrack ski trainers. Three were offered the same day, and I grabbed the first two. The first is enormous, and I suspect either came from a health club or was offered through Sears. It’s unlike the usual […]

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April Fool’s Day comes a day early

The wise guys @ MacGeekery pull out all the stops on this one: : We would have said something sooner, but it was hushity-hush-hush. Today, Apple is holding a special event for invited guests at their campus in Cupertino, in the quant Town Hall. We’ll be attending the event today with a small group of […]

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