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Fractal Brassica?

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I might have see if I can get seeds of these.


pinaroid thoughts

Hmm, looking over this, I realize the image/the light circle isn’t large enough to cover the film. D’oh!


This is more like it, though I think I need to look over the calculations more closely. They don’t jibe with some others I have seen.

The most important calculation is Rayleigh’s equation that specifies the optimum size of the aperture, given a focal length (hat tip). For a focal length of 1 inch (25.4 mm), the optimum aperture size is 22 microns. You can also work out the reciprocal length if you have a pinhole in hand already. I thinking I work from the pinhole out, drilling it first and seeing what I come up with — or buy one — before I do anything else. Of course, none of that tells you what size image is created as a result. This looks like it would help — if I could run it.

The more I learn the less I know, it seems.

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learning from my mistakes

pinhole day conclusion

Some lessons learned today. Instant film is pretty tricky to work with, unforgiving in fact. I finally got two images at 1 minute and 2 minutes where my 120 camera would have managed it in 6-12 seconds. Looks like 1:20 would have been about right, but that’s something I’ll figure out later as I work out the disposition of this camera.

Do I keep it close to it’s original configuration with the bellows? If I cut all that off and break it down to a Polaroid film holder with a pinhole, I can cut exposure times way down (as focal length decreases, you need less light, as the inverse square law states). There’s no compelling reason to keep it as it is, other than a trace of regret at taking what was a functional, if useless, camera and rendering it for parts.

The calculations here suggest it should work: with the shorter focal length, the exposure times are pretty manageable, even with instant film’s abysmal reciprocity characteristics.

On the real film front, things were OK. I wandered around the old Sand Point Naval Air Station, while a young cyclist worked up her confidence, and grabbed 4-5 images on color slide film. A beautiful day there today, some sailboats out, and some kind of intro to kayaking as well: you could walk up and take a sea kayak out. Colorful things, those. I’ll know this time tomorrow if any of that stuff came out.

I had some black and white subjects in mind but time and other commitments pushed them off the schedule. They’ll keep.

My stuff will go up here when I get it back from the processor. And a Flickr set will likely happen too.

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learning from my mistakes

Double or Nothing is Not a Foreign Policy

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall April 30, 2006 02:19 AM:

The only crisis with Iran is the crisis with the president’s public approval ratings. Period. End of story. The Iranians are years, probably as long as a decade away, and possibly even longer from creating even a limited yield nuclear weapon. Ergo, the only reason to ramp up a confrontation now is to help the president’s poll numbers.

[ . . . ]

To the president the Democrats should be saying, Double or Nothing is Not a Foreign Policy.

I like it. Read all of the analysis (I have elided a bunch of it): he, as usual, sees through the smoke and mirrors so beloved by this administration.