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Monthly Archive May, 2006

where climate change shows up

May 30, 2006

Some places have gotten warmer, a few cooler. What should worry people — farmers and the customers, you know, people who eat — is the change in hardiness zones, ie, where you can grow stuff. What if you can’t grow your cash crop because it needs chill hours it’s no longer getting (peaches, apples, cherries, […]

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are these facts related or not?

Harper’s Index for April 2006 (Harpers.org): Percentage of U.S. adults in 1985 who said they found overweight people less attractive than others: 55 Percentage who said this last year: 24 Estimated number of Marshmallow Peeps that will be consumed around Easter this month: 800,000,000 Estimated number of pigs who died to make them: 125,000 I’ll […]

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is modern photography realizing Fox Talbot’s idea or trashing it?

William Henry Fox Talbot was one of the pioneers of photography, capturing the first images to light sensitive paper, as a way of recording what he was unable to draw or otherwise record. This image — his Oriel Window — is the oldest surviving artifact of the negative to positive film process, dating back to […]

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meme alert: website as graph


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