does net neutrality stand a chance?

27B Stroke 6:

Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) explained why he voted against the amendment and gave an amazing primer on how the internet works.

Just read it. You’ll learn something, though not what you might expect.

Just to be clear, below the fold is a rundown of some of the positions people are taking on this.


has cheap energy unravelled America’s social fabric?

From AlterNet, Air-conditioning: Our Cross to Bear, Part I and Part II:

Has the ubiquity of A/C and the resulting diaspora of people from the densely-populated (and socially liberal) North to the South undermined traditional American values?


Friday Random Ten+One: Backdated Edition

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learning from my mistakes

pinholga notes

Time to document the various modifications I had added to my Holga.

This is the way it looks now with wirenut-based cable release affixed. If you do this, be careful not to glue the wirenut so close to the shutter release. As it is now, I have to use a cable release all the time, until I glue or screw something to the shutter release that I can use.


The white stripe on the lens is my poor man’s macro setting: unscrewing the lens past that point means it comes off in your hand. But it should give an additional margin of close-focus capability.

I added a pinhole insert today, with a bit of foamcore and square of brass shim stock.


My plan was to cut a circle to fit the lens opening, but that was before I tried cutting foamcore with a utility knife. I rejiggered it to use a tightly fitting strip, anchoring it to the little bump where the lens stop screw used to live.

A view of the pinhole insert from the back side, showing the brass shim.


Observant Holga fans will wonder about the light area inside the center of the lens opening. I added a real f/16 aperture to the camera when I saw that the aperture selector is meaningless in stock Holgas. A little bit of a pop can, a 1/8 inch hole and some glue is all you need.