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Monthly Archive July, 2006

rumors of the death of film are premature

July 31, 2006

film question: your experiences/insights? – f295: The Art of Lensless Imaging: Yep. This is the golden age of BandW, in some ways. Sure, paper suppliers are dropping like flies and we’ve lost two film manufacturers in the past couple years (AgfaFoto and Konica-Minolta, via different routes), but I can *still* buy more different kinds of […]

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phishing gets personal

I still can’t believe these scams actually work. This is so unbelievable as a legal document, it boggles the mind. I’m tempted to play along with this clown and see what happens, but not enough.

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self-portrait with truck

self-portrait with truck Originally uploaded by pdb206. Accidental double-exposure on two different cameras. The smaller person — me — with the umbrella was taken behind my house on my cigar-box camera. I somehow neglected to flip the film holder before dropping it into a camera loaned to me by Ralph Young of the f295 group […]

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Ghostly Geese/Green Lake/Seattle

Ghostly Geese/Green Lake/Seattle Originally uploaded by pdb206. 1 minute exposure on the north shore of Green Lake. The timeless look of this is aided by the disappearance of the skyline: the Space Needle has been washed out completely. Cropping might help, but I kinda like the framing effect of the leaves at the top.

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