Hooray for recalls: two new iBook batteries for me

Battery Exchange Program iBook G4 and PowerBook G4:

Apple has determined that certain lithium-ion batteries containing cells manufactured by Sony Corporation of Japan pose a safety risk that may result in overheating under rare circumstances.

The affected batteries were sold worldwide from October 2003 through August 2006 for use with the following notebook computers: 12-inch iBook G4, 12-inch PowerBook G4 and 15-inch PowerBook G4.

Apple is voluntarily recalling the affected batteries and has initiated a worldwide exchange program to provide eligible customers with a new replacement battery, free of charge. This program is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and other international safety authorities.

Both the original battery — at last use, down to 1/2 an hour of charge — and its replacement are subject to recall and replacement. Very nice, in a cheapskate sorta way.

Check your gear to see if you’re similarly protected.

analog->digital conversion

calling them as I see them

Anthony Mantova Embarrasses President Bush:

Paul Beard of Seattle got the top spot in the Eureka Reporter’s Letters to the Editor today:

Dear Editor,

Patrick Bell complains that a recent column, written by a former paratrooper, was “unhinged” in its criticism of a young war supporter who refuses to serve in a war he supports. Bell suggests Mr. Ash “should put his life on the line to support his view — and volunteer to be a human shield in Iraq, Iran or North Korea.” What Bell fails to realize is that Mr. Ash has been a human shield — for all of us here at home. He has been in harm’s way and understandably hopes that others who value a strong America would follow his example.

It’s easy to cheer for a war that someone else will fight: for someone who works for something called the Leadership Institute to refuse to lead by example tells me what kind of leader or soldier they would make. Perhaps that’s why Anthony Mantova and his fellow cheerleaders are steering clear of the recruiter’s office; they realize they don’t have what it takes. But I think they should give it a try, basic training might be the making of them.

I don’t support this poorly-planned and miserably-managed war, but unlike those who do, I’m not going to attack former or active duty troops. That seems to be one of the key differences: love the war, disparage and short-change the troops vs oppose the war but support improved armor/equipment and medical services for them.


more audio noodling

After watching this shredding, I wondered what on earth I was doing with my lo-fi noise.

Not that I let it stop me.

I decided to try some stuff to see if I can get GarageBand to behave. I created a garageband user account with no applications running (no browser, no mail, nuttin’). It worked OK for a while but I still found that any attempts to record or even play along on a second track didn’t work. The audio effects would just drop out. Recording continues but you can’t hear what you’re doing. Takes some of the fun out of it.

blows against the empire the value of X

every hair on the bearskin rug

rambling post on the virtual world’s appeal over the physical, for some. This passage — RTWT for context — brought Brave New World to mind. Add in Xeni Jardin’s regular updates on teledildonics and we’re all going to be in little boxes pushing levers like monkeys or rats, but with more direct results than a couple of M&Ms can provide.

Partners are so 20th century:

I wonder what will happen when true virtual sex becomes available. Imagine a world where people can slap on some VR goggles and slip into a suit that simulates on one’s body everything experienced digitally. If watching/controlling some character alone is this popular, adding yourself into the mix with actual physical stimulation should become the most popular hobby on the planet, no?