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Ayn Rand:

“The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it.”


links for 2006-09-29

  • in our headlong rush to hand George W. Bush the keys to the Great American Torture Machine we do damage to our enemies, we do damage to the innocent, and just as importantly we do damage to ourselves. We will have inscribed upon ourselves the following: ‘
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  • Republicans will run away from him like he’s a Army recruiter
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  • my two senators –Cantwell and Murray — aren’t on the list. Good for them.
  • By its very nature, the edge of knowledge is at the same time the edge of ignorance. Many who have visited it have been cut and bloodied by the experience.”
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resetting a forgotten WRT54G web admin password

For some reason, I haven’t been able to access wireless router consistently. My password seems not to be right. But how to create/change it if you can’t log in? This assumes a WRT54G with the dd-wrt firmware.

Assuming you’re on some system that supports openssl (I did this on FreeBSD), you can just make a new one:

[/usr/home/paul]# openssl passwd
Password: ********
Verifying – Password:

Assuming you’re not totally locked out (you did set up ssh, didn’t you?), you can then write your changes to the router’s nvram and it should work for you with the new password.

nvram set http_passwd =
nvram commit

If anyone can offer advice on other ways to do this, please leave them in comments.

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the right to be boring?

The Online Photographer: A Brief Policy Note:

Many forums tolerate what are called “thread Nazis” (this is what they’re called—it’s not my term), whose self-appointed task is to keep all the discussions strictly on topic, never suffering anyone to stray.

Apparently, this refers to a comment I left, wondering if a rundown of upcoming TV series premieres could be run on a personal blog rather than one called “The Online Photographer.”

Rather than leave another comment, I’ll just unsubscribe.

I like the idea of group blogs that focus on an area of expertise, kind of like a magazine (remember those?). If I pick up a copy of a specialist magazine on photography or watchmaking, I don’t expect or want to see an article on upcoming TV shows or snacks or sporting goods. In fact, I would read an article about watchmaking in a photo magazine if it was up to the standard of the photo articles — informative, well-written, and worth my time.

The comments from other posters approve of the rambling, saying “it’s your blog, do what you want.” But it’s a group effort, as well, with the other posters staying on topic and shedding light on photo-related stuff.

And at the end of the say, who am I to accuse anyone of being boring? I have never claimed an area of expertise: in fact, a lot of the posts here exhibit a complete lack of any.