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Monthly Archive November, 2006

Seattle’s Critical Mass gets famous

November 30, 2006

Someone used Google.co.uk to search for images of people behaving drunk and found my rant about cyclists behaving badly. Excellent. First result, too. <update> Curiously, the same page shows up if you search for “pictures of people on crank” though not as prominently.

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links for 2006-11-30

In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class Is Winning – New York Times hmm. Even a stopped clock is right once a day. Ben Stein remembers what old school conservatism really means. (tags: money culture values society economics rebeccaspocket) Blind Audits speaking of China as a source of cheap labor, who knew they were absorbing the […]

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units of measure

November 29, 2006

the FU or Friedman Unit refers to the length of time its namesake thinks will bring about results in Iraq. we’ve been through 4 or so of them, so far. no results, at least none anyone is happy with. The Horse’s Mouth: If six months is a Friedman, what is 150,000 troops? I propose that […]

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making a vice less harmful

jones kicks the h.f.c.s. habit, keeps the turkey & gravy: By early next year, you’ll be able to get the most popular flavors of Jones Soda, they of customer-submitted label photos and sometimes inadvisably quirky flavor options, made with good old fashioned cane sugar. [via]

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