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Seattle’s Critical Mass gets famous

Someone used to search for images of people behaving drunk and found my rant about cyclists behaving badly.

Excellent. First result, too.
<update> Curiously, the same page shows up if you search for “pictures of people on crank” though not as prominently.


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units of measure

the FU or Friedman Unit refers to the length of time its namesake thinks will bring about results in Iraq. we’ve been through 4 or so of them, so far. no results, at least none anyone is happy with.

The Horse’s Mouth:

If six months is a Friedman, what is 150,000 troops? I propose that these extra troops (imaginary though they are) be called McCains with 100,000=1 McCain. So Friedman wants 1.5 McCains sent to Iraq….and a pony.

now we have the McCain, unit of troop strength.

He should know better as a vet, but the rest of these jokers are just playing Risk.

learning from my mistakes

making a vice less harmful

jones kicks the h.f.c.s. habit, keeps the turkey & gravy:

By early next year, you’ll be able to get the most popular flavors of Jones Soda, they of customer-submitted label photos and sometimes inadvisably quirky flavor options, made with good old fashioned cane sugar.