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links for 2007-02-28

February 28, 2007

Defense Tech: That Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Jet . . . makes you wonder how they test these things (tags: programming software wtf design technology) HOW TO – Turn your iPod mini into a flash based iPod if my iPod’s disk craps out, I wonder if a flash card will make sense as a replacement? […]

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in which a point is missed

February 27, 2007

Neil Gaiman takes on the idea that “surely saying “It won the Newbery Medal. We order the books that do that. It’s been the most respected guide to quality children’s literature since 1922,” would fend off most threats to a school librarian’s job… wouldn’t it?” isn’t really enough. I have to agree with the opposition […]

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February 26, 2007

birch Originally uploaded by paulbeard. outside my house. Not sure how I didn’t get the edge of the roof in the frame . . . from a roll of Holga-riffic images taken during the snowstorm of mid-December. I’m starting to tire of the chanciness of the Holga, the missed images. Some of this roll looks […]

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akismet kicks

That’s more like it ;-) This is just the first 24 hours or so. That’s about 1 every 2 minutes. The biggest benefit? I don’t get a million confirmation emails to read through. I think more than half my email was spam confirmation requests.

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