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Monthly Archive February, 2007

links for 2007-02-26

February 26, 2007

an alternate reality the fruits of the democratization of knowledge: Conservapedia’s creators won’t be content until they populate a Wikipedia with their own facts. This isn’t about correcting bias, but about a parallel institution of knowledge, loosely-defined. (tags: Wikipedia conservapedia knowledge education ideology) Amazing Farce not only did the Christian church turn a blind eye […]

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what’s your score?

February 25, 2007

my flickr score: 1212 What’s yours? Meaningless, I know, but it’s an interesting look at your Flickr persona. I had no idea I had been a member for 500+ days.

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Boulder Wash

boulder wash 1 Originally uploaded by paulbeard. This is more like it. This one and another you can see @ Flickr were taken with the Macanudo-cam, my cigar-box 4×5 and I’m a lot happier with the results. The subject is a public installation called Boulder Wash (this is the only mention I could find of […]

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spam, spam, spam, spam

Tons of comment spam and even some trackback spam these days (coupla hundred per day between them). Tired of messing with it so I enabled Akismet through WordPress.com. Not that I see a lot of comments but if you do get blocked or have trouble, let me know.

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