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Monthly Archive March, 2007

I built the MAKE magazine $5 amp project

March 31, 2007

MAKE magazine $5 amp project Originally uploaded by paulbeard. Took me a good deal more than $5, even with some donated parts, and it look way more than an afternoon. But I learned a lot in the process, and I get a toy out of the deal. Can’t beat that. It sounds surprisingly good for […]

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hybrid vigor

Holgaroid Originally uploaded by paulbeard. I made a Holgaroid, from the guts of Polaroid EE100, and a Holga lens and a shutter. Some foam-core makes up the balance. More details here.

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1984 as an operations manual

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more books, less trees

Charlie Stross explains “Why the commercial ebook market is broken” in detail. This has been percolating since I read it and I have been researching what the state of the hardware market is for this kind of thing. I’m interested in something like this to gain access to a lot of the books on Project […]

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