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So what do you do when your menubar clock freezes?

This [ kill -15 185 ] seems a little harsh (185 was the pid of the SystemUIServer application that manages the menubar).

But nothing else I tried worked. I tried:

  • toggling the settings for the clock in the Date/Time PreferencePane
  • toggling the settings for the clock in the International PreferencePane
  • editing the plist file (~/Library/Preferences/

Hmph. Then restarting the SystemUIServer wasn’t so simple. I would have thought it was a daemon process, and would restart itself. Nothing doing.

% /System/Library/CoreServices/

Hmph, again.

If this comes to bite you, let me know if you find a different solution.


comment of the day

On Obsidian Wings: Everything They Touch Turns To Dross, this comment appeared:

I’ve believed since the mid 1990s that a virulent tax revolt (as in, no Republican government at any level is permitted to collect taxes) on a national scale, from the Left, would introduce a sexy new element into one of the radical Right’s long-juiced wet dreams.

Further, arming this citizen tax revolt with the guns and the lusty rhetoric about guns thrown around by the unAmerican cowardly Right like Viagra to their testosterone caucus would satisfy their other masturbatory fantasy.

Can you imagine Sean Hannity and Tom Delay and Dick Cheney and Wayne LaPierre (the dickless poodle of lock and load) and Grover Norquist and Erick Erickson and a cast of thousands huddled in the FOX studios letting the spittle fly at their last working microphone as the government they hate is destroyed by the very tools they lovingly and so determinedly demagogued for so long and by their most hated enemies.

It would be like being inside Robespierre’s head as he took that last look into the basket below.

I doubt they have enough working synapses to realize it’s the end of their movie.


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