I passed. Did you?

Quiz – Alabama Literacy Test circa 1965 ():

Take this quiz to see whether you would have been able to vote
before 1965 if you were not white. The Federal Voting Rights Act, passed in 1965, made tests such as this one illegal.

I didn’t know some of this and some of the questions confused me. See how you do.


new CNN show host’s history of dirty tricks

This is who CNN feels is acceptable to host programs:

Think Progress » AUDIO: Laura Ingraham Tells Listeners To Jam Voter Protection Hotline:

Laura Ingraham today urged her listeners to obstruct efforts to protect voting rights by jamming a free voter protection hotline.

After playing a recording of DNC Chairman Howard Dean promoting the line to voters, Ingraham suggested her listeners call en masse:

Tell me if you think I’m crazy. This is what I’m thinking. I think we all need to call 1 888 DEM VOTE all at the same time.

quote of the day

Do Not Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side:

In this movie, Sauron lasers Sam and Frodo before they get to Mount Doom. Darth Vader doesn’t help Luke out in the end. Megatron wins. Wile E. catches the Roadrunner. Elizabeth Bennet learns that Darcy is a loser. Etc. Etc.


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