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Monthly Archive September, 2007

camera testing

September 30, 2007

I have a multiple day camping trip planned with my fifth grader and 40+ others, and was considering renting a DSLR to document the whole thing, maybe make a little keepsake book from it. But the best price I saw today to rent a Nikon D50 was $60/day. It wouldn’t take too many days renting […]

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will this make “albums” worth buying?

is this the new business model? Radiohead has a new album coming out called In Rainbows. It’s only available from their site for now, either as a download (released Oct 10) or as a “discbox” that includes the CD, a bonus CD, two records, and assorted photos, books, etc. (released Dec 3). (via rex) (link) […]

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so *this* is how it works

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my email has a Mute button?

Official Gmail Blog: “M” is for…mute: Just like you, I get a lot of email. Much of it requires my reply, some is simply FYI, and some is the result of overactive mailing lists, like the one for Google’s San Francisco commuters. I take the shuttle to work, so I need to stay on top […]

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