smarter than a fourth grader but not much

My Fourth Grader had this for homework:

1562 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 1874

Fill in the missing numbers on the number line above, and write down the strategy as you would explain it to someone else.

(To be fair, this was the last problem. The first two made it possible for even a dullard like me to work out the rule. This was a test to see if I, erm, the student got it right.)


taking a cue from Josh, I just walked my block with KisMac sniffing the air. Only 23 networks advertised. The first three are mine, and number 3 is my neighbor to the back. 4 and 5 were ones I had not seen before, but the TiVo did when I plugged it in. Number 7 is the business office at Temple Beth Am, I assume: pretty strong if I could pick up where I was walking.

Picture 2.jpg

A bit worrying how many of them are using WEP. I assume anyone with no security turned on knows the risks, but I expect the people with WEP are operating under a false sense of security. Think they would take it badly if I ran aircrack on those networks and left them a note telling them how long it took to derive their key, with the key, and suggested they tighten up?

And only one named “linksys.” Excellent. I guess ACTIONTEC and 2WIRE are brand names as well, so points off to those people.

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