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Monthly Archive October, 2007

smarter than a fourth grader but not much

October 31, 2007

My Fourth Grader had this for homework: 1562 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 1874 Fill in the missing numbers on the number line above, and write down the strategy as you would explain it to someone else. (To be fair, this was the last problem. The first two made it possible for even a dullard […]

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taking a cue from Josh, I just walked my block with KisMac sniffing the air. Only 23 networks advertised. The first three are mine, and number 3 is my neighbor to the back. 4 and 5 were ones I had not seen before, but the TiVo did when I plugged it in. Number 7 is […]

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words/expressions to live by


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links for 2007-10-31

DownWithTyranny!: CLEAR CHANNEL, REPUBLICAN PROPAGANDA NETWORK, OUT TO KILL SPRINGSTEEN’S MAGIC? First the Dixie Chicks, now Springsteen. (tags: music media corruption power government values culture) James Gosling: on the Java Road why is Golsing complaining about how Java is supported on Mac OS X when a. Sun [JAVA] owns the language, and b. it’s open […]

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