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Monthly Archive December, 2007

I’ll bite [hoosgot]

December 30, 2007

The term “hoosgot” is newly coined by Dave Sifry, a founder of Technorati and one of my former homies on the RSS Advisory Board …. Just use the word “hoosgot” as a verb a request on your blog (or @hoosgot on Twitter) and it’ll end up on his site, where it’s hoped someone more industrious can help you with a solution.

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recycled quote of the day

Notice that I haven’t attacked the Clinton campaign at all; I think quite highly of Sen. Clinton and her work on the Armed Services Committee. However, I support Barack Obama because he inspires me, and because I believe he has the character, judgment and vision to lead this country.

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quote of the day

As for being “intolerant”; I’m intolerant of people who lie, who are wrong and can’t admit it, who are willfully stupid, who blithely get by on their name and believe that it imbues them with some special insight not available to the hoi poloi…. I’m intolerant of people who seem to believe that liberals or progressives or whatever they want to call themselves are supposed to be tolerant of rank stupidity and deceit.

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links for 2007-12-30

OpenWrt / WDS Signal Strength Tuning the placement of your wireless AP with your ears, as you would a speaker. Clever. (tags: howto wireless tuning cleverideas) The Lives They Lived – Steven Gilliard Jr. – New York Times I didn’t know him well enough to be able to judge the veracity of this, but I’m […]

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