An open letter to Rabbi Ephraim Schwartz’s community

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I’m sending one of my own, draft of which appears below:

Rabbi Richard Toban, Rebbitzen Sharon Toban, Rabbi Yehoshua Pinkus, Rabbi Yitzchak Goldman, Rebbitzen Sara Pesha Goldman, Rabbi Shragie Gestetner, Rebbitzen Rivka Gestetner, Rabbi Binyomin Edelstone, Rabbi Avrohom David, Rebbitzen Rooksie David

The Seattle Kollel
5305 52nd Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98118

My friends,

I write in response to the recent deferred sentence of your colleague and friend Rabbi Ephraim Schwartz. I ask you to look at the Rabbi’s history of automobile accidents and I beg you to please find a way to help him meet his rabbinical and family obligations without driving himself.

I look at the two most recent incidents where he injured or killed someone, once when he crossed the center line and hit a cyclist on the other side of the road, and more recently when he killed Tatsuo Nakata but was unaware he had struck someone until he got out of his car.

These are not the habits of a careful, responsible driver. Whatever Rabbi Schwartz’s gifts may be, attentive driving isn’t one of them. I find it hard to accept that his faith community can continue to enable this behavior. What are we to think when we learn that some of his congregants have gone so far as to buy him a car []. Does no one see a problem with this? How will you or the good people who contributed to this feel if someone else is injured or worse? Why take that chance?

His record of irresponsible driving extends back to before his time here in Seattle, but his record here is bad enough that if the state cannot lift his license, I ask you as leaders in his faith community to help him before someone else gets hurt.

You may not think it fair but as we would look to a family to help a troubled family member and would be disappointed if they refused, so we look to you to help Rabbi Schwartz.

Thanks for your time.


2008 SXSW sampler is available

Took me about 27 hours to get it. Playlist is below the fold.


selling their birthright

It really comes down to that: there’s nothing Vested Interests won’t do to keep a grip on their power, and fools that would let them do it — would accept money in exchange for weakening their position — don’t have a clue.

Bob Fernandez, reporting for The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Comcast Corp. admitted yesterday that it paid people to attend a government hearing. Company critics say the freelance attendees were there to crowd them out; Comcast says they were merely saving seats for employees.

Rat bastards.

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quote of the day

why bashing wingnuts makes sense

It’s the hypocrisy, stupid.

And the point is that “conservatives” and religious nutjobs far more satisfying targets. David Vitter steps to the Senate floor fresh from banging a hooker to tell me that marriage is the most important institution EVAR. Ted Haggard says gays are bad then runs off to schtup (sp?) a male escort. And this clown handles religious affairs for a moral scold who’s responsible for hundreds of thousands of needless deaths. Pardon my delight in their destruction.

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