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Monthly Archive April, 2008


April 29, 2008

Look – corn ethanol is basically dumb, and subsidizing it is subsidized dumb. But this isn’t really the problem here: [From Corn ethanol is the worst thing since sliced Hitler « The Poor Man Institute] What’s going on? It isn’t that there isn’t enough food. It’s that the ability to fill up a gas tank […]

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links for 2008-04-29

But maybe it’s possible that the internet is a slightly more sophisticated (or slightly more cognitive) cognitive heat sink? didn’t someone say something about something being the opiate of the masses? and haven’t we had references to bread and circuses for nigh on 2000 years? (tags: history entertainment society culture values civilization)

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one more time

April 28, 2008

trying to work out what has changed in either mysql5 or WordPress. Or are they ganging up on me? Alrighty, then. something was not right in the mysql upgrade of yesterday. for some reason (safety?) the mysql_upgrade script doesn’t run and restarting mysql without it means the internal mysql data tables are out of sync […]

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does anyone have a Muxtape to share? most of my library is in mp4/aac so I can’t use it yet.

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