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Monthly Archive June, 2008

for what it’s worth, this is still wrong

June 30, 2008

McCain War Record No Longer Off Limits To Some Liberals A small number of left-wing activists are beginning to question John McCain’s service during the Vietnam war, charging him with, among other things, war crimes and helping North Vietnamese propaganda efforts.

…do I wonder if McCain feels he could have defended Kerry, a fellow Navy officer who served in the same conflict, a little more strenuously?

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Shilshole Marina

June 29, 2008

Shilshole Marina Originally uploaded by your mistakes are your style. fun with cross-processing (developing E-6 slide film in C-41 print chemistry).

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[T] he primary purpose of public schools in America has always been to help produce citizens who have the knowledge and the skills and the values to sustain our republic as a nation, our democratic form of government.

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